Thursday, 12 July 2012

What Are The Responsibilities Of New Home Builders?

new home builders
If you are a first time new home buyer, it is important that you have a thorough understanding of the various responsibilities that your builder has when it comes to the construction of your project. This guide is designed to help you ensure that your new home builders is following the correct procedures every step of the way.
  • License: the contractor should have obtained a license or building permit well in advance of beginning construction. They also need to ensure that all of the sub-contractors that they work with (such as carpenters, electricians, and so on) are fully qualified.
  • Safety: there are a number of hazards and risks involved with building, and it is important to ensure that the proper safety precautions are in place and maintained.
  • Insurance: all builders need to have an insurance policy, which should protect both themselves and your home during construction. They also need liability insurance, in case you discover structural flaws sometime down the track.
  • Inspection: this is a responsibility that the builder shares with you, as the homeowner. They must complete checks periodically, whilst your checks are required less often.
If you are unaware of the responsibilities of your new home builder, you are opening yourself up to all sorts of opportunities for the contractors to shirk their duties. This could lead to all sorts of issues, both with the construction and with the safety or legality of the practices undertaken onsite. Always check that your builder is shouldering the above responsibilities.


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